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S4U Mens Compression Pants 6152-Black

Mens Compression Pants–Black

Item Code: 6152

Fabric: 85% Nylon+15% Spandex

Product Description

S4U Mens Compression Pants 6152–Black

  • ✅HIGH PERFORMANCE MATERIAL: You perform like a champion. Expect no less from your compression capri pants. Our fabric blend is a high performance blend of 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex (Elastane).
  • ✅MOISTURE MANAGEMENT: The moisture management and wicking materials in our compression capri pants quickly pull sweat away from your body to help you stay cool and dry when hot, yet warm when you’re cold. We also include anti-odor materials to help ease the unpleasant smell of a hard workout.
  • ✅EXCELLENT FIT: Designed to fit tightly to your body, our fabric blend allows you a wide range of motion. Nothing but the right level of compression, no restriction on movement.
  • ✅FLAT LOCK SEAMS: Our seams lay flat and smooth to prevent any type of skin irritation or chafing.
  • ✅ENHANCED WORKOUTS: You’ll be able to increase the benefits you receive from working out by wearing the S4U’s compression capri pants. The compression will help you recover quickly and stimulates blood circulation.


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